Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thank you thank you Thank you!!!!!

The three of us got the hats!!! I think that they are darling!! Well the boys not so much!!!

Thank you everyone who sent me their links!!!! I truly appreciate them!!!!!

Okay not to much going on today! I m going to the Dr though. When I took the week off of blogging I fell on the ice and I fell hard!!!! My hands and arms have been going numb and I am extremely light headed!!! Kevin says thats a norm for me (being light in the head) ha! Sometimes things just take me longer to comprehend..... anyways. I have had this problem before going numb business! So I am thinking it is just a pinch nerve, which they have to pretty much heal on their own. Which sucks!!! anyways I just want to make sure that is all is it! Kevin went yesterday because his rotator cuff has been acting up and his forearms and elbows hurt. I swear we are getting old or at least our bodies are!!! Our Dr. to stop lifting so much weight. When he was asked by the Dr. how much he lifts Kevin told him 35 pound dumbbells, he SOOOOOO LIED!!!!! He ws afraid to tell him the truth!!! HELLLO you are at the DR you HAVE TO tell him the truth so he can fix you!!!! I think he just didn't want to be told to stop all together! Anyways... he is going in for an MRI next week so we will see what's going on with his shoulder!!
ummmmm... I have been kind of starting to think about CAG!!!! ummm what am I taking, what am I working on ect.... what am I eating!??!?!??! Is anybody else ready?!?!?! I do have some kits pulled together or more like the pictures are in the envelopes I just need to pull my product!!! I have been too excited to work on class stuff rather than my own stuff!!! I do think today I am going to do Elsie's challenge!!! She gives away great, fun stuff! And helllooo is Elsie stuff!!!
Okay gotta get my grocery list going so I can shop after the dr's!!!


Christie said...

Hey there missy! Never sent you my it is. Loving the hats! Love the fact that you are so excited about them and the boys are like, mom this is so dorky! Too fun. I should be getting a big shipment of goodies tomorrow so I will be letting you know!!! I will have more stuff to inspire you! YAY! I started thinking about cag last night...I am always torn about whether or not I will get anything done. Hmmm. I think I'll blog about this so I won't bore you now!