Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years Day!!!

Hey I need those of you that have blogs to email me your link!!! kevsum1@cox.net My computer wiped out my whole favorite list and now I am blogless!!! I love reading all your blogs and I don't even know the names of them because I just click on my favorites list!!!
I am on a mission!!! An mission to be organized!!!!! I know that sounds lame because I am a organize freak!!!! I am going through all my albums back to 1997!!! I am putting all my layouts in American Craft 3Ring Albums. I want all my albums to look the same. Different colors are fine but same book. Feel me?!?!!! I think they will look better once they are in my scrapbook room on my open cabinets!! Anyways... I have been cracking myself up looking at my old albums. I scrapbooked right on the page. Ya know in the Creative Memories albums. Anyways. I am also making an album of just Christmas. So this is freeing up a ton of space in my albums!!! I am not kidding some of my years are like beyond thick!!! Totally out of control and then I have some albums that have two years in them. How crazy is that!!! Obviously before John & Jax!!! It's funny Kevin and I always ask what the heck we did before the boys?!?!?! First we worked our asses off, took long naps after work, then went out to dinner most nights. And on the weekends we slept!!! My life feels crazy sometimes and I complain about not having "ME" time, but I would NEVER go back!!!! I love this time in my life right now!!! I type this as I tell Johnson not to hit Jax in the head with a ball! ha!!!
Well today was the first day of the health wiki!!!! I am doing pretty good, keeping track of things!! I did about die when I got on the scale and saw how much I have gained since I think December 1st!!!! Almost 10 pounds! OMG!!!! So now that the sugar cookies are gone I should have no problem taking the weight off! Kevin even about died when he found out my weight! He said a month ago I had a super models ass! ha! I asked him what he was smoking!!!!?!??!! And now not sooo much! I told him he was going to give me shit about my weight I would NOT share anything with him!!! And you know what I am talking about! I won't tell you what he said.... ha!


aday said...

you 2 seriously crack me up.

Well I hope the wiki goes well, visit my blog we will be organizing all year long :)

Kathy said...

mine is http://scrapn4fun.blogspot.com

Bummer for you. I can't imagine getting that all put in again.