Thursday, May 29, 2008

There sure are a lot of "firsts" happening around here!

We had a lot of firsts today!!! The Tooth Fairy came to our house last night! Johnny woke up at 4am and found his goods!!! I kid you not he was jumping up and down and telling us the Tooth Fairy came!!! Man I love sharing a room with Johnny! lol!!! Anyways here is his new smile minus his body tooth!!! And his goods he got from the Tooth Fairy!

Johnny's first time up to bat!!!! This was his first game!

He makes contact!!!

He almost took the bat to first base!!! At the last minute he threw it!

The Dance!!!! Enjoy!!!


michelle said...

That's awesome! It looks like he had a fun time at his first game!!

Tracy (aka: mom2cms) said...

That is way too cute, it's great that he is loving the game so much :)