Friday, May 2, 2008

it's been another a busy day!!!

But I did have some time yesterday to get a layout done of Jaxi and his rain boots!!!

I've been working on my deck today!!! I am soo excited with the products we have gotten!!! I am doing a composite deck in chocolate brown (yummy), and black rails with these center pieces throughout the deck. We are also bumping out the deck an extra 12feet so we have room for a table and chairs!!! I can't wait for it to start!!! Our carpenter is doing the deck for us and he has done an amazing job so I know it is going to be gorgeous!!! We are also adding a privacy shutter to the north so that our neighbors can't watch us do our business on the deck whatever that business might be ;).... As soon as the house gets cleaned out from the carpenter I will update with some pictures!!! Anyways things are kinda trucking along and I was just told that the painter might take 2 months to paint the inside of the house OMG!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?!! I hope I am in my by anniversary!!! That light that I saw at the end of the tunnel is slowly flickering!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Kevin is in a golf tourney this whole weekend so I am hanging with the boys!! Who knows what we will do!!! I hope you all have a good one!! toodles!


Carla said...

the deck sounds awesome! I love a big deck we get a lot of enjoyment from ours!