Sunday, January 6, 2008

We had a pretty relaxing day around here! Kevin and I stayed up pretty late last night so I got to sleep in and he got up with Johnny!!! What a guy! After breakfast I headed to the gym today because tomorrow Kevin is having his MRI for his shoulder injury and I have to take Johnny to the Dr for his 5 year appointment! It will be interesting to see how much he has grown since his last appointment. While I was gone Kevin did his yoga. I snapped some shots of him before I left for the gym!! Yoga has been helping both of our bodies sooo much lately! Kevin has done it forever but I just started getting back into it! IT has really been relaxing me at night. Plus I am really trying to work on my core muscle and I think they more than getting worked through yoga!!!!! Here are Kev's pictures!!!!
The front!!!! The last part of the bricking to be finished!!
A little bit of the stone work has started!!!
The garage doors are on and just need to be painted black!!!!

Our Stone for the doorway column & windows!!!
After lunch we all headed out to the house to make the "big decision" about the island in the kitchen. We finally came to a conclusion after many, many talks about what to do with it!!! Here is what we decided!!!! We are going to ditch out kitchen table YEAH!!!! And make our island as big as possible and use it as our eating area!!!!! I am sooo excited, this is what I wanted!!!! We had to go out to the house so we both could see what it would look like and see what shape it was going to be!! We even took chairs out there to see how much space we would have to sit around the imaginary island we had created!! It was kinda comical!!! Anyways.... I haven't taken many pictures of the house in a while b/c it felt like it has been at a stand still for sooo long!!! Well the brick is almost done and the stone is going up!!! yahoo!!!! Here are some pictures!!!!


Kim said...

The house is looking Awesome!!!

thnsw said...

Sounds like your house is coming together. Glad you where able to get what you wanted in the kitchen. If mama isn't happy no one is happy.

princess jeffier said...

looks beautiful!! I am excited to see what your scrapbook room is going to look like.

wolffx5 said...

Pics of Kev are priceless. $100 says he doesn't know they are posted!!!