Sunday, December 9, 2007


I just don't understand this world sometimes. My Mom called me this morning to tell me about what happened to her. She was robbed!! She had just gotten off the phone with me when it happened. Let me back up a bit. When I was talking to her last night she had gone out to her car to talk. She is living with her brother and his little girl was there. So she went to her car so we could hear each other talk. We talked for a while. I ended up having to get off because my lovely children were attacking each other like hellions!! So I get off and my Mom gets out of her car to go back to my Uncle's. My Mom & Uncle call his place a tree top. There are several stairs to get to the top his place. Anyways there were two bouncers outside the bar downstairs and they caught the guy breaking into my Mom's car!!! They jumped on him and made a citizens arrest until the Police got there! My Mom even saw the guy. She said he was a young guy like 25-30 years old. He was begging her not to press charges. Anyways of course she DID!!!! Later my Mom was walking and she noticed a black bag so she picked it up. She opened it and there was all kinds of stuff in it, needles, bullets, $3000 in gift certificates and she said she thought there was a gun in there. She said as soon as she saw needles she zipped that baby up! At some point the guy that robbed her threw the bag before the cops came around and my Mom found it and had the Police go through it. The Police told her there was a letter in there that was three pages long telling you how he knew how to make meth. Nice huh! This really freaks me out, my Mom is 5'2" and a size one. She itity bitty tiny!! I can't imagine if she was in her car and this kid was on something ans could have done something to her. OMGOD!!! I told her she needed to move the hell out of there! I just don't understand why people are like this?!?!?!!
Well I just text Steff my boys were on their way back to recovery And Jaxi has now got whatever Johnny had!!! Are you kiddin' me?!?!?! Poor Buhda!! We start his second round of antibiotics tomorrow so hopefully it will knock whatever it is that's in him! Johnny is doing much better! He is ready to go back to school! He is soooo ready! I think he has been couped up for too long. He is making me crazy! I love him to death but he needs to go burn some energy off! I think today he was making up for the last 5 days of not doing anything but being sick. It sooo doesn't help being in the cheerio and having no where to play. It's amazing how fast they can bounce back after being so sick. Just yesterday he was still down and out and today he is like a live wire! crazy!!! I am just happy to see him back to himself minus the live wire part!! Hopefully this week we can get back on track with everything!!


aday said...

Bless her heart, she needs to be in a safer place that doesnt seem too healthy for her.

mlg said...

Oh my goodness! Your poor family and extended family! Will it ever end??