Sunday, December 2, 2007

I thought I was done......

So I thought I was done shopping for CHristmas! Then I actually went into a store last night. (I did all my shopping online this year) OMGosh!!!! I went into a couple of stores last night and I had to just had to get a couple more things! Just those kinds of things that just top the gift you already bought perfectly! I have NEVER been one to do "themed" gifts. I find it too hard and constraining to stay with one theme... just not me! I like to get a bunch of random things that I know the person will like! Anyways I have been trying the whole themed gift! It actually has been an eye opening experience! I haven't felt restrained at all!!! It's been fun! SO anyways I added more goods to the goods I already had! And now I think I started something! Because now I am thinking about all these other goodies I could/want to add! I have to be careful though. With building the house I have to really watch my spending this year. Not that I don't every year. But I feel like there is a hawk on my back this year breathing heavily!!! Kevin.... not to mention any names......;)~ Anyways I have done really well keeping in the budget but it's still hard! I just like to give and give and give!!! I love seeing people's faces when you give them something they want! Love it!!!!
Well today I have to grocery shopping but other than that I am going to finish up some projects, take those pictures I promised of the ornaments I made and get them posted later! Other than that not too much going on!
I do have to get a BIG THANK YOU to Charlene!!!!! I got your mailbox in the mail yesterday!!! And thank you soooooo much for all the fabulous goodies and GC!!!! You way out did yourself!!!! Thank you!!! (I participated in a Christmas Swap and we had to decorate tin mailboxes and fill them up with scrapbooking supplies!!!) I will take a picture of it too!