Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I feel like this year our holidays are kinda going to lag.... We are living in the cherrio and I don't have any of our holiday decorations to decorate with (they are all packed) and we didn't have a neighborhood to trick-or-treat in this year. We did try to the make the best of it!! Jaxi has had a ear infection along with a bad chest cold so I didn't want him out in the cold wind, so technically it was okay we didn't have the neighborhood to trick-or-treat in!! The boys were excited to go trick-or-treating. Johnny was really excited!!! We decided to go to the mall. Well I had no idea that going to the mall was going to be crazy!!! It was wayyyyyy ghetto! It was actually kinda sad. I thought this was going to be fun and it was but it just was ghetto!!! The candy that they were giving out was a crock! Okay I know that just sounded totally mean but seriously how many kids like peppermints??? Even Candyopolis was handing out peppermints! Hello you are a candy store you should be giving out the goods!!!! Anyways the boys had fun and that is all that mattered!! And after tonight I will be dumping the candy anyways!!! Well maybe in a couple of days... Although with as little as they got it will probably be gone tomorrow :(


3divasmommie said...

Hey you should have come this way...I was giving out halloween bubbles and gooey eyeball gummies...YUCK!!! Save any hard candy that you don't want...our school will send it to the troops around xmas time.

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

OMG.... the boys are sooo adorable. Did they have fun?? Very cute!!! See you soon!!!