Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Today has been a whirl wind! We started the day with reading time at Barnes & Noble with the boys!! They really enjoyed it! Jax even sat for a while because we sat next to some Thomas the train books! That always helps! After that we headed to Kay's restaurant for some yummy Thai!!! Then we met up with my Dad and headed south to pick out tracks and glass for my new sideboard that is being built!!! I picked out some frosted glass so you can't see my Christmas dishes!! Anyhoo!!! I've got a lot going on all of the sudden!!!! It's funny how that happens! I'm just glad I am in control of what I am putting on that plate!! ;) Went out to the house and I saw COLOR!!!! Oranges, Blues and Pinks (not together of course ;) !)!!!! The all over color is done upstairs and the painters say they are going to be done Thursday!!! I am going to be patient something I am not and wait to take pictures until then!!!

I still have not had a moment to upload my new stuff to etsy but I am promising myself that I am doing it tomorrow!!! I told Kevin I am going to take advantage of the stormy weather to get some projects done!!! I have the Western Wedding Album to complete and then I just got an order for 12 paint cans!!! So I am hoping to be knee deep in crafts tomorrow!!! Should be fun!!!
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!!