Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Where has the past couple of days gone???

I have been busy around here, hardly home during the day except for a couple of hours while Johnny is in school. Today was the last day of Bible Study until the Fall. It was a really great experience and I met some wonderful women. It was great to meet some of the Mom's and kids that Johnny will be going to school with next year.
The house is actually the thing that is keeping me busy right now. All the little details are becoming important!!! Kev has pretty much said the house is yours take care of it. This is great but a little overwhelming at times! I am super excited my new cabinets for the kitchen came in and they are fully up!!! Chad our carpenter was putting the crown on this morning to finish them off! They are gorgeous!!! I am sooo happy I had some encouragement to stand up and say something about them being the wrong color!!! The kitchen feels soo much bigger and brighter with the lighter!! I want to wait until the crown is completely done before I take pictures!!! It is soo hard not to take pictures everyday because there is something new in the house!!!
My drive way was poured and the entrances to the circle drive were poured!!! Sooo happy with them! Okay I could go on and on and bore you with all the details so I will stop!!!

Johnny had BB practice last night and after practice he got his uniform and schedule of games!!! We were a little surprised when they handed us the A's uniform. We were told we were going to be the Padre's. Oh well, just good thing we didn't buy the cleats with the Padres logo on them!! lol!!! He is number 24!!! Kev's old number!! His games start at the end of the month and he has a game like every week sometimes twice a week until the middle of July!!! Some of his games don't even start until 8pm at night!!! umm that is his bedtime!! I am sure that his bed time will change in the summer but I was cracking up because I was like this is T-ball!!! :)~

Well it is cookie night so the boys are standing around the island devouring the cookies so I better go before there are none... Happy Wednesday!!


aday said...

thanks for updating Summer. Been missing you and your scrapbooking is always so gorgeous I miss you when there isnt anything new.

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

I love your updates girly!! I can't wait to see pictures!! I too miss it when there isn't anything new. Feel free to stop by my "boring " blog...LOL that is something really to get bored with..LOL anyway have fun shopping for the new house stuff... looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Hugs and misses!!!

AliciaSharp said...

I cannot wait to see new pics of your house! Glad you stood up about your cabinets! You are the one forking the money out for them so you should get what you want! You go girl!!