Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let the season begin....

I love baseball!!! And I love even more that Johnny LOVES it too!!!! Today was his first official baseball practice!!! He did soo well!!! He told me his "collars" made him go fast. BTW "collars" are cleats!! I don't know where he got collars but it's cute!! He said he had extra traction to make him go fast!!! Ohh he cracks me up!! Here are some pictures from baseball tonight!!! He was kinda nervous about meeting new people and who was going tobe on his team, but once he was there. He made friends with everyone!!! He such a social butterfly!! I love that about him!!
Johnny hitting off the tee- he's a lefty!!!

Learning to throw!! What do you think Miss??? Can you get the expert to check these pictures out?? Any pointers from one lefty to another??

Woohoo he throws an excellent throw!!!
He's soo proud!!!

Challenge 8 from SAL


Christie said...

I have to ask if his glove is the blue and black one from the golf warehouse that lights up when he catches the ball. Zach is the proud owner of one of those! Glad to hear things are going well...miss you!

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

Hey there darlin!!! As always the pictures are the cutest!! YOu are sucha good momma and wife!!! Your mom is very pretty and Frankie??? well what can I say... ummm YUM and the boys are cute and hubby is pretty cute too... You should feel very lucky to have such a beautiful family... Ok.. mushy stuff.. hehehe Miss seeing you.. hope to see you soon!!!