Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well today I had a fun day!!! I spent the morning & afternoon with Ames!!! We went on a man hunt for new pair of eyeglasses!!! We started south and made our way north!!! Once we got to the mall we were on our way to one of the eyeglass places and we came to the food court!!! And OMG there was Jim & Julie from the show The Biggest Loser!!! Julie noticed us right away and waved and said Hi!!! We walked closer to her and then Jim popped around!!! They were soooo nice!!! I kept telling Julie I feel like I know you!!!!! Both of them!!! They were in town for promoting people to lose 100 million pound across America!!! They were there a couple of hours early and Julie was like I need new shoes!!! My feet even lost weight!!! She is soo stickin' cute!!! And OMG tiny!!!! She is one of those people that you feel like you've known then forever!!!! It was really nice to meet them!! And to hear about all the other people from the show!!! They talked to us for like 20 minutes or soo!!! I can tell you enough how nice they were!!! I loved meeting them because they were such normal everyday people!!!
After meeting the Biggest Losers we did find some glasses for Amy and they are SUPA cute!!!! We then headed to lunch and a couple of more stores!! Fun day!!!
Once I got home I got my Aunt Mary's wedding book done!!!! I just need to print one picture and it will be complete, it think... Anyways that felt good to complete that so I can get it out for shipment on Tuesday!!!


Kim said...

I'm so jealous you got to meet them! I want to go so bad tomorrow. Was it supa busy there with lots of people?
Glad you and Ames found glasses. That is so hard to do and such a big decision. It's not like they are inexpensive or anything. :)