Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well another day gone.... just poof! Where did it go!??!?! I have been keeping busy with the kiddos of course, but I also have been working on ceiling fans, fixtures, pulls, tile, carpet, counter tops (btw we redesigned the island in the kitchen one more time. It's now 3 levels instead of 1 big slab), and more door handles!!! OMG the door handles!!! We have sooo many flipping door handles and they are all different kinds! craziness! oh well it's going to be worth it in the end right?!?!?!? Good times!
I also went out to Scrapfunattic to pick up Sarah's album for her Mom's wedding album that I am redoing. It's gorgeous (the album)!!! It perfectly matches her burgundy wedding!!! Thanks Kristy!!!! OMG I have been having a blast looking through all the pictures!! I was 6 when they got married. So I remember parts of it!!! I was a flower girl along with my cousins Sarah & Missy. We of course were in pink dresses with about a pound of baby's breathe in our hair!!! It's a crack up!!! What was the deal with baby's breathe & hair in the 80's!!!?!??!! I was talking to Sarah yesterday and we were cracking up talking about the pictures!!! She was barely 5 when her parents got married. She was surprised by how much I remembered about the wedding. Hey I was wondering does anyone know a dance that looks like you are in a karate move from the early 80's?? Everyone is doing this dance they all have a leg in the air and their are are all karate like!!! I am not kidding!!! It is sooo funny! And everyone is doing it!!! There are a tons of pictures of my parents together. They were still married, OMG they were sooo young, they were my age!!! How crazy is that!!?!??! CRAZY!!! Anyways it was good time, fun to reminisce!!!

Hey girls just a reminder class is coming up!!! January 26th!!!! I will send an email out about a week before class to let you know what you need to bring to class!!! See you all soon!!!


aday said...

Can I just note that I am SOOO ready for class I miss everyone.