Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First, I update what needs to be brought for class this weekend. It's on the left hand side of my blog!!

Second, It has been quite the day!! I woke up this morning to Johnny puking green slime. Nice huh!?!?! After getting him relaxed and cleaned up I got to go back to bed for a couple more hours. Once everyone was up I decided to open the house up and disinfect everything!!! I clean every Friday but I couldn't wait until then. I want this sickness crap out of the cheerio!!! So after cleaning I finally got to shower around 2. I needed to get out of the house. We had been couped up for too long. I went and got a diet coke just to get out. The boys are doing much better. They just have fevers. Jaxon is doing much, much better today. He is ornery as ever but that is a good sign for him!! lol!! This afternoon I did get to scrapbook. I am all caught up for the year. I know I will get shit for saying that. But it's the truth. Now I am just about to start working on my tags for my Christmas presents. Plus I need to head to the Attic to get some wedding goodies. I got asked by my cousin to put together her parents wedding album for their 25th wedding anniversary. I said SURE!!!! In the back of my head I was saying what are you saying??!?!??!?! Not that I don't want to do it. Because who doesn't want to scrapbook?? But because I do have a lot going on right now. Although by the time I get to it in the next two weeks or so things should be dying down a bit. We have almost everything picked out for the house so the only thing will be putting it together. So initially my part will be done. Thank goodness!!! I am so excited!!! We were having some issues with getting stuff picked out and people giving us "real" prices. Well Kevin called our Cabinet guy, Dave. He saved us!!! He is hooking us up with everyone we need to finish up with. All the fun stuff counter tops, tile, wood floors and carpet. I am meeting with his lady this week to coordinate it and get it all done in one sitting!!! woohooo!! Then my part will be done and I can relax a bit and not be hounded about what I want. I know that kinda sounded like I was complaining. But we have had no list/timetables or anything to go off of for when to have things done by. We just get a phone call asking if we got whatever picked out ect.... We are very fortunate to have a friend building our house but I think we are also kinda lost when it comes to what is next. Is that making any sense?!?!?! well it is late and I have to get up early for my workout! btw Ken my ass & legs hurt soooooooo bad!!! I can hard sit on the couch and it is soft!!!!


aday said...

I am the same way I CANNOT say no I am in the midst of a KU Referee album and a wrestling album due before Christmas and Still have not done my Awesome Homework from last month. OOPS